Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Antics

Here is a photo of Sean from the first time he went swimming in June.

I officially dub Tuesdays as the day I will write about Sean's antics. He seems to get into a lot of trouble. I brought home four gallons of milk and a carton of 18 eggs from Costco. I hauled everything up the stairs all at once, Sean was already safely inside the apartment. Lets not talk about the trip to the apartment which meant Sean walked on his own while I tried to steer him in the right direction (holding four gallons of milk and eggs, mind you). So I get upstairs, put everything down, turn around to take my shoes off, and turn back around to see Sean tugging at the eggs. I caught the carton just as it started to tumble, but somehow Sean still managed to knock it out of my hands. Half a dozen cracked eggs on my carpet later, he decides to walk through them. I am thinking, "When will this horrible destruction end?" Mike walked through the door as I took Sean's shoes off and put the steam cleaner we bought not to long ago to work.


Michelle Evans said...

i LOVE this story! it's a totally boy thing to do! he sure is a cute little guy (even with his mishcievous side showing :)). we can't wait to hang out again!

kimbo said...

So Sean has kindey reflux too? Must run in the family. I'm so glad we did the surgery! The anticipation was so much worse than the actual surgery/recovery. Claire is such a trooper and it has barely phased her. I'm glad to get her off of antibiotics in another month and then move on. Our doctor was awesome too! Thank goodness for medicine, doctors, hospitals, etc. Let us know how everything goes. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Luisa said...

I'm so glad to see you posting again!! (Not that I'm much better). You've definitely got a busy boy...and I sure can relate to those kind of stories...they make for very crazy moments. Sounds like that carpet cleaner waas a wise investment:)