Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boys, geesh!

Sean was being a ham as usual when he decided to run down the hall laughing at himself. He lost his balance and slammed his head into the wall. He was quickly stopped by said wall and knocked onto his bum. He thought this was hilarious, which made me laugh even harder. (Yes, mom, he was okay.) He thinks its so funny, he decides to revisit the whole situation, four more times. We couldn't stop laughing and I had tears coming out my eyes. He will do anything for a laugh.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Strawberry Thief

One day while I was getting ready to cook dinner, I opened the fridge to get all my food items out. Sean (as usual) thought it would be fun to climb into the fridge and check things out. When I turned around, he was stuffing his face with a strawberry and running away. Ever since then, Sean is my little strawberry thief. Almost every Wednesday I buy strawberries at the Farmer's Market down the street. I like to keep them on the bottom shelf of my fridge just because they fit nicely there in their little baskets (that is why Sean was able to take one). Now I have to wash a few and keep them in a bowl hulled and ready to eat just for Sean. Hulled because he will eat the hull too. I've heard the hull isn't bad for you, but I think it's yucky. Sean just loves his strawberries!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday Antics Came and Went

So Tuesday came and went, twice. Whoops. I'll just write them as they come...
Sean and I went to a Baby Shower last Thursday night. We helped set-up and decorate, and we stayed for the party. Sean was up to his no good tricks. At least I was a little frustrated, and I even called poor Mike to say, "Please pick him up now!" Mike was going to pick him up anyway, but I got desperate when I saw it was ten after eight and Mike was not there yet. Here's a rundown of what happened not in order...
1. Sean decides to climb the stairs of the home and doesn't know how to get down.
2. Sean is thirsty, so after asking for water (I ran for his sippy cup), he steals his friend's cup of water and walks across the home spilling as he tries to drink from it.
3. Sean hits his friend over the head with a helicopter causing him to cry.
4. Sean steals his friend's marshmallow.
5. Sean throws a tantrum because he is taken away from the pretend play lawn motor.
6. Dad's here, YAY!
It may not sound like very much, but we were trying to set up for the baby shower in record time, and trying to have a nice party. He did other things I can't remember, and it was kind of a "you had to be there" moment. My friend Michelle was so nice to help me out. It was a fun experience!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Antics

Here is a photo of Sean from the first time he went swimming in June.

I officially dub Tuesdays as the day I will write about Sean's antics. He seems to get into a lot of trouble. I brought home four gallons of milk and a carton of 18 eggs from Costco. I hauled everything up the stairs all at once, Sean was already safely inside the apartment. Lets not talk about the trip to the apartment which meant Sean walked on his own while I tried to steer him in the right direction (holding four gallons of milk and eggs, mind you). So I get upstairs, put everything down, turn around to take my shoes off, and turn back around to see Sean tugging at the eggs. I caught the carton just as it started to tumble, but somehow Sean still managed to knock it out of my hands. Half a dozen cracked eggs on my carpet later, he decides to walk through them. I am thinking, "When will this horrible destruction end?" Mike walked through the door as I took Sean's shoes off and put the steam cleaner we bought not to long ago to work.