Thursday, September 24, 2009

Strawberry Thief

One day while I was getting ready to cook dinner, I opened the fridge to get all my food items out. Sean (as usual) thought it would be fun to climb into the fridge and check things out. When I turned around, he was stuffing his face with a strawberry and running away. Ever since then, Sean is my little strawberry thief. Almost every Wednesday I buy strawberries at the Farmer's Market down the street. I like to keep them on the bottom shelf of my fridge just because they fit nicely there in their little baskets (that is why Sean was able to take one). Now I have to wash a few and keep them in a bowl hulled and ready to eat just for Sean. Hulled because he will eat the hull too. I've heard the hull isn't bad for you, but I think it's yucky. Sean just loves his strawberries!


Michelle Evans said...

so funny! cole has been known to eat the green leaves and all of stolen strawberries... :) i guess it's a little boy thing. yuck. sean is such a cutie! you're a darling mom! i love that you keep some ready for him to grab at his convenience! :) we love you guys!

Sunshine said...

He's so adorable!