Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So much!

So much has happened and I can't keep up! AAAhhh!

Well, first things first: tomorrow we go in to see Dr. Hurwitz and get an explanation of his ultrasound. We will then decide the next steps. I will let you all know what is going to happen, but apparently just from looking at his ultrasound while it was being done, you can tell his pelvic renal area is still quite enlarged. We are optimistic that the right choice will be made for Sean.

Okay, so since I am so behind, and I have had people tell me that they want to see photos, here is a rundown of all the activities and not so activties we have been up to:

Coleman's Birthday:
We were going to go for a hike in the mountains for our little friend's b-day, but the mountains were closed due to the fires we had. We decided to go to Bonelli Park instead and have a picnic lunch. The kids had fun running around, playing with Coleman's cars, and eating. The adults had fun having some normal adult interaction haha! Thanks for inviting us Coleman! You can read more about it on Michelle and Tyler's blog. They got such better photos of the kiddos at the park than we did. :)Janelle and Jonathan's Wedding:
We had fun and were so excited to go to their wedding. We got to see so many people we haven't seen in a while. Janelle looked very lovely in her dress. The cake was yummy, the food was delicious, and their reception was really beautiful! They had a great turnout. We are so happy for them! Congratulations to you both! You can read more about it on Matt and Heather's Blog.
September 23: Our last swim in the pool.
Sean loves the water, he just doesn't love cold water. So for that very reason, that was our last time in the pool, the pool's been cold ever since. So here is what Sean looks like after a cold swim...
San Dimas Western Days Festival:
We love our City, it feels like a small town with all the festivals, concerts, markets, parades, and celebrations! After watching Saturday Morning Conference Session, we attended the Festival. Sean loved petting the animals in the Petting Zoo, he held a rabbit but didn't know what to do with it, so it just sat in his lap. We walked around the merchant's market, watched a parade, saw a cowboy re-enactment, watched a Native American Pow-wow, ate tacos (yeah, I said tacos at a western days festival, haha), and had a good time. We didn't get to go to the Rodeo (yes, a full out Rodeo), because Mike had Priesthood Session with his buddies. Maybe next year...

We kept our tradition of Crepe eating on Sunday as we watched Conference. They were great sessions and we felt enriched! Sean enjoyed eating syrup on his crepe as he watched the Prophet speak.

I will be posting the L.A. County Fair and Mickey's Trick or Treat Party in two separate posts, there's just too many photos that are fun.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last and Final Ultrasound

Tomorrow Sean goes in for another ultrasound to check out his left Kidney. If it has improved, then we just keep monitoring it. If it hasn't improved, is the same, or has gotten worse, then surgery may be the next option. He had Hydronephrosis of the left Kidney, his ureter is dilated which is causing his renal pelvic area to stretch because the fluid doesn't drain properly. This can get worse and start making the kidney function go down. On the 29th we go in to talk about the results of this ultrasound with his Urologist, Dr. Hurwitz. Everybody out there please say a little prayer and keep your fingers crossed that good decisions are made and that things will go for the better.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dirty Laundry Music

I looked around the corner because it got "too" quiet. Sean was sitting in front of two drawstring laundry bags that are waiting to go to laundry. He was taking the two sets of strings in his hands and trying to put them in his ears. Since they are white, they look like the Ipod ear buds. I wonder what kind of music dirty laundry plays? I love my little Sean.