Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sean Can Crawl

Sean is now crawling. He started Sunday night at my parents house, so they got to see him start. Now he won't stay in one place. I think he is excited to be mobile, he doesn't have to rely on me anymore, which is kind of nice. Bad thing is, he doesn't stay in his room anymore, he crawls out. He thinks its so neat that he can go exploring. It is very cute to watch.

Happy Birthday Relief Society!

Thursday we had our RS Birthday celebration. I volunteered (I don't know why I do, but I have fun in the end) to decorate a table and make a cake that went with the theme of my table. I went for a sea theme. Because the cake turned out so well, I think I will start offering to make cakes for others, to get some good practice. Here's the pics (they didn't turn out so well, especially the table photos, sorry).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Whoops! I Forgot About These...February Happenings

For Valentine's Day we hung out with Matt and Heather and went to one of our favorite places to eat, Bravo Burgers.
Here are my Valentines. Mike and Sean.
Here are Heather and I, okay, whe was my Valentine Friend, too.

Here is Sean in his stroller, ready for running errands. He now looks out the window as we drive and laughs and babbles. He is 2 pounds away from a forward facing car seat!
On Saturday, February 28, Sean went in for a second ultrasound (after a VCUG and a Kidney Function Test). The Tech was really a nice guy, he even let Sean play with the cord. Sean was a little scared at first but later warmed up to the exam. He is such a trooper. Now we have to wait for the results...
Sean's first ride on our new bike trailer. He doesn't like the helmet too much, but he is slowly getting used to it. We walk him around in the trailer so he'll get used to the helmet.
Sean cried the whole first ride because of the helmet. Jake didn't fit in the trailer too well. Needless to say, it was an interesting first time. Jake won't be riding in the trailer again. Yes, that is Sean behind the dog.
Here is what I call an action shot (really, it's just blurry and out of focus), Mike does the hauling the first ride. It was a fun end to a Saturday (Sean will tell you different).

Whoa, I went Post Crazy, But I am Caught Up now, Whatever That Means!

So I thought I was going to only do one post with all the pics that are in the following posts, but some stories were too good not to be told. Have fun reading!

Oh, the Stories We get from Visiting Costco...Frogurt Addiction

Mike and I decided we would get lunch at Costco Saturday, since it would be fast and cheap and we needed to go anyway. Sean was fed before we went since his lunchtime was way before we would be able to eat. We ordered Pizza, drinks, and a frozen yogurt (we call it frogurt), so Mike and I could share it. As we walked to our seats, Sean took the spoons out of the Frogurt and waved them around, getting it everywhere. Mike took the spoons away and as he did, Sean stuck his hand into the Frogurt. A man at a nearby table just chuckled to himself at the sight of our struggles. It wasn't over yet, though. When we sat down to eat, Sean began demanding frozen yogurt, because we were eating it and he was determined to have some. I gave him a taste of it with a spoon. He yelled for more. I gave him more. He yelled again. So I got frustrated and stuck the cup near his face and let him suck on the yogurt cone-style. I have a Frogurt addict. Mike caught a pic of him yelling in agony for more, and sucking on my Frogurt. At least its non-fat.

Laser Hair Removal in Tijuana

We (my mom, dad, sister, Sean, sometimes Mike, and I) went to Tijuana again for the third time. We are going just about every month so we can get Laser Hair Removal. Yea, I know, it sounds weird, but I am tired of shaving my sensitive skin. If you know me well enough, you know how sensitive it is, so much so that I am willing to do this. So far the hair is not growing back as much, and after 10 more treatments, I will be hair free. Sean is getting to be a good little traveler, and I am told he is a handful, and a character too (or so my parents say when they take turns watching him while I get lasered).

Here he is banging on the table as he waits "patiently" for his food at the food court in this nice outdoor mall we visit.

Here we are in the outdoor mall, it is always full of people. I have noticed that people tend to dress up more in Mexico, it's not as casual, flip-floppy as California.

Sean 7 Months

Sean is now 7 months. He is trying to crawl, loves his books and being read too (especially the touch and feel, open the flap, and big eyes on a character, kind of books). Here comes trouble!

Frightening Flowers!

Sean was introduced to flowers by Grandma Castro a couple of Sundays ago. When she stood him up next to the flowers, he let out a surprised yell, afraid of these interesting things he had never really paid attention to before. We had never heard him yell out like that before. Mike showed him the flowers a little later and after a few minutes, he was okay with the new discovery. There is Mike with a beard that he had for about a week until the Bishop reminded him that Young Men's leaders need to be clean shaven.

I Know There is No Such Thing as Pre-Nursery, but We Need It!

Here is Sean with his friend in what we call "pre-Nursery." They sometimes play during primary while I fulfill my calling as secretary and his mom as chorister. It works out.