Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh, the Stories We get from Visiting Costco...Frogurt Addiction

Mike and I decided we would get lunch at Costco Saturday, since it would be fast and cheap and we needed to go anyway. Sean was fed before we went since his lunchtime was way before we would be able to eat. We ordered Pizza, drinks, and a frozen yogurt (we call it frogurt), so Mike and I could share it. As we walked to our seats, Sean took the spoons out of the Frogurt and waved them around, getting it everywhere. Mike took the spoons away and as he did, Sean stuck his hand into the Frogurt. A man at a nearby table just chuckled to himself at the sight of our struggles. It wasn't over yet, though. When we sat down to eat, Sean began demanding frozen yogurt, because we were eating it and he was determined to have some. I gave him a taste of it with a spoon. He yelled for more. I gave him more. He yelled again. So I got frustrated and stuck the cup near his face and let him suck on the yogurt cone-style. I have a Frogurt addict. Mike caught a pic of him yelling in agony for more, and sucking on my Frogurt. At least its non-fat.

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