Sunday, December 21, 2014

God Gave Us Hands

Erik walked up to Mike and said, "God gave us hands."
Mike- "Yes, God gave us hands."
Erik- "And God gave us the high five."
Mike chuckled and said, "Yes, God gave us the high five."

This was Sunday after getting home from Church.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Taking Time to Take Photos: Sean, Erik, and Camilla

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays, my sis-in-law Fawn called and asked for some photos of the kiddos.  I didn't have any good ones.  I realized that and decided to finally take some.  It is so hard to do this for me right now.  Back drops, lighting, figuring out what ISO, F stop, blah blah blah getting the kids hair combed and dressing them in decent clothes.  Let me tell you, Erik was not wearing pants, hahaha.  Strategically taken photos await...
I can't forget to thank Mike for being my wing man and helping take some of the stress away.  He got the kiddos ready and helped keep them happy while I got it together.
I know, they aren't perfect, they aren't wearing matching outfits or even coordinating.  Really, who cares?  I know I will look at these pictures in 30 years and not think about that, but about where the time went.  I love my cuties, I tried to capture their personalities, I think I got it.
Erik, 3 Years
Sean, 6 Years
Camilla, Just turned 8 months the day before yesterday

Friday, May 24, 2013


I look at my windows and I think, "Look at all those fingerprints."
I need to wipe them off, but something inside me whispers...
Appreciate the smudges found.

The bare feet walking all around.

The abandoned toy trains that leave tracks down my hall.

The quirky smiles for photos you wish were perfect but aren't bad at all.

Shaggy, please-cut-me hair.

Boys sitting and cuddling on their tiny chair.

Things that I am thankful for, my healthy, loving, little boys.

Erik at Eighteen Months

Erik is actually past eighteen months, but that is okay.  Let's see...

These are photos of Erik after his first day of Nursery.  He did okay, nursery is at an awkward time when napping and lunch take place, things this boy cannot function without.  We are told he is always the last one at the snack table.  That makes us laugh.  He loves playing with the car there too.

Weight: 29 lbs.

Height: 35 inches

Shoe Size: 5-6

Clothes: 24 months, 2t

Favorite Foods: Chicken nuggets, Pastas (with or without sauce), Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, PB and Jelly Sandwiches, Strawberries!!! Oranges, Grapes, baked potatoes, ice cream, cake, black olives (he would have a whole can if we let him), quesadillas, yogurt, fish, rice, cereal, milk, apple juice, pizza, cheese, french fries, bean and cheese burritos, corn, ham roll ups, roasted salted sea weed, peanuts, popcorn, watermelon!! hot dogs, crackers, beans, posole, fondant, cookies.  Nothing is safe and he is usually the last one at the table.

Favorite Things: This kid loves anything that goes, from cars to trains, airplanes, and vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers and roller coaster rides at Disneyland.  Riding Casey Junior Circus Train.  He loves to sleep with a stuffed Dr. Seuss bird from the book, Oh the Places You'll Go (Grandma and Grandpa Castro gave it to Sean), and he also likes to be covered with mom's butterfly quillow (a quilt that can be turned into a pillow).  He often walks around with a toy car in his hands, Mater from cars usually.  He likes watching movies, listening to music, dancing, singing, and being with his brother.  Birds!!  Animals!!! Once he is outside playing in the backyard, its hard to get him back inside.  He likes to play in the dirt, climb up the playset, dig in the sandbox, and slide down anything that looks like can be used as a slide (except for the slide, that is too scary).  He likes to do flips with help, somersaults off the couch, and climb up onto chairs and kitchen island counters.  He likes to play pretend too, sometimes he's a super hero, or a pirate.  Sometimes he's a dog.  He likes to play with Jake dog, and loves riding dad like a train or horse.  Cuddling with loved ones.  He likes to help us with chores, cooking, and cleaning.

Favorite Songs: La La Lu, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Favorite Shows: Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sesame Street, and any comic book cartoons.

Words: Dada, Mama, Nun (Sean), na na which means lots of foods and different drinks, caw caw (car), dun dun (train, duh, that's the sound the crossing arm makes), this, sss (thanks), shh (shoe), sss (sock), dug dug (dog), Juk (Jake, our dog), no, go, away, don't (these last four are usually used in conjuction with shoving Sean out of the way!), bd (bird), he also signs various things like please, cracker, more, and eat.  Sometimes he signs while saying a word such as shoe or sock, and that is how we now what he wants.

Erik is such a mellow kid.  He can sit and focus on an activity for a long while.  He definitely knows what he wants and usually sticks to that.  He finds his favorite toy and will dutifully play, carry, and take it with him wherever we go.  He doesn't say much, but you definitely know what he wants because he finds other ways to communicate.  He will take you by the hand and show you what he needs.  Erik is feisty and fun.  He knows what will make you smile.  He comforts his brother when he sees him crying.  He likes to learn and help around the house.  Erik is quirky and has a great laugh.  He loves to make us laugh too.  We love you Erik!  

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grandpa Arturo Castro

My grandfather passed away on Memorial day. He had been struggling to breathe because he had fibrosis in the lungs. He was on an oxygen machine for about a month. He was surrounded by loved ones in his last few moments. His services will be on Friday night and Saturday morning. The family is working together to get everything done. I don't think I need to say much more other than that he will be missed.

Golden anniversary

Arthur's HS Graduation

In my mom and dad's backyard

Claudia and Mike's College Graduation

At my cousin's wedding
More photos to come....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hawkins-Castro Wedding

So here are a few pics of my brother Arthur's wedding.

I made their cake and their bouquet and boutonnière. Thanks to Claudia and Randy for the help in making the bouquet and boutonnière! Thanks to the internet for all the great ideas too! Hee hee :)
The cake was covered in Marshmallow Fondant that my sis-in-law, Fawn pointed out to me (thanks so much, the substitutions for the cake mix also turned out great!). It was a white cake with a whipped chocolate ganache filling.

The cupcakes were made of chocolate and white cake, with buttercream frosting. They were all decorated differently but had the whole brown and green color scheme incorporated. I made an extra cake to try out after and it was delicious...yum.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sean's 2nd Birthday

Here's the pics I need for explanation right?
It was a Cars theme party, Sean was very insistent on that, even with other choices given to him.
Thanks to everyone who came and to those who wished Sean well. We are grateful for such awesome family and friends! It was fun doing a mini-party for the boys, Evans family :)
p.s. Can someone tell me how to upload photos faster??!! I am so frustrated and don't have time to sit and wait for it to "load" to only have it say ERROR. Arrgh.