Thursday, December 18, 2014

Taking Time to Take Photos: Sean, Erik, and Camilla

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays, my sis-in-law Fawn called and asked for some photos of the kiddos.  I didn't have any good ones.  I realized that and decided to finally take some.  It is so hard to do this for me right now.  Back drops, lighting, figuring out what ISO, F stop, blah blah blah getting the kids hair combed and dressing them in decent clothes.  Let me tell you, Erik was not wearing pants, hahaha.  Strategically taken photos await...
I can't forget to thank Mike for being my wing man and helping take some of the stress away.  He got the kiddos ready and helped keep them happy while I got it together.
I know, they aren't perfect, they aren't wearing matching outfits or even coordinating.  Really, who cares?  I know I will look at these pictures in 30 years and not think about that, but about where the time went.  I love my cuties, I tried to capture their personalities, I think I got it.
Erik, 3 Years
Sean, 6 Years
Camilla, Just turned 8 months the day before yesterday

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