Monday, March 1, 2010

Sean Eighteen Months

So Sean is past eighteen months, but I thought I would do a run down anyway. The photos are from the day after he turned 18months, he went to Nursery for the first time on this day. A plane caught his attention.

Weight: 25 lbs.

Height: 35 inches

Shoe Size: 5-6

Clothes: 24 months, 2t

Favorite Foods: Chicken nuggets, Pastas (with or without sauce), Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, PB and Jelly Sandwiches, Strawberries, Bananas, Oranges (sometimes), Grapes, baked potatoes, churros (from Disneyland), ice cream, black olives, quesadillas, yogurt, fish, rice, cereal, milk, apple juice, pizza, turkey wraps, cheese, french fries, it goes on and on...

Favorite Things: Remote control Train set, trains in general, planes, cars, helicopters, space shuttles, rockets,coloring, Fire and Trash Trucks, drawing, things that explode, music, playdoh, drums, Disneyland (especially the Trains) harmonica, phones, Dad's PDA, Jake the dog, playing with Jake the dog, animals, Nursery, his friends, cooking, helping with cleaning, singing, running, cutting things with scissors, his stuffed animals.

Favorite Songs: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Nap Time

Favorite Shows: Yo Gabba Gabba, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, Wow Wow Wubbzy, The Upside Down Show, watching YouTube videos on trains, planes, rocket launches, and animals. Here's one of his favorite animal videos that he likes to laugh at: Baby Panda Sneezing

Horse, Milk, Ven (Spanish for come), stop, go, wait, daddy, momma, doggy, puppy, duck, he makes various animal sounds instead of saying their name, cheese, Jake, shoes, socks, water, juice, cracker, and the word "tchee-tchee" which means an assorment of foods, pasta, train, train track, choo choo train, up, down, help, thank you and please (and he actually uses these correctly, most of the time without us reminding him to), nose, belly button (bun), feet, hurt, ow, phone, hi, hello, draw, red, blue, plane, fish, All Done!, Ooh, wow, heart, star, high, lift off, one two (he will count backwards also), vroom (car), trash, eww, boogie, Oh no!, Oh man!, chicken (chichen), play, slide, wee, stuck, outside, poo poo, pee pee and so forth. He knows other words in sign language too and some of these words he signs in sign language while saying the word.

It's hard to sum up a person by their likes, but it gives a little glimpse into his world. Sean is a little independent boy. He loves to do everything for himself if he can. He doesn't cry when we leave him in the Nursery, and is usually very happy and energetic. He is very easygoing, but can be stubborn at times. Sean is a very intelligent little boy. He is curious about things and sometimes it can get him into trouble. He tries very hard to communicate his needs through sign language or by speaking. He loves to be with people, but can also play by himself very well. He makes us laugh often, and reminds us that life does not have to be complicated when simple things are fun and exciting. We love you, Sean!