Monday, March 9, 2009

Whoops! I Forgot About These...February Happenings

For Valentine's Day we hung out with Matt and Heather and went to one of our favorite places to eat, Bravo Burgers.
Here are my Valentines. Mike and Sean.
Here are Heather and I, okay, whe was my Valentine Friend, too.

Here is Sean in his stroller, ready for running errands. He now looks out the window as we drive and laughs and babbles. He is 2 pounds away from a forward facing car seat!
On Saturday, February 28, Sean went in for a second ultrasound (after a VCUG and a Kidney Function Test). The Tech was really a nice guy, he even let Sean play with the cord. Sean was a little scared at first but later warmed up to the exam. He is such a trooper. Now we have to wait for the results...
Sean's first ride on our new bike trailer. He doesn't like the helmet too much, but he is slowly getting used to it. We walk him around in the trailer so he'll get used to the helmet.
Sean cried the whole first ride because of the helmet. Jake didn't fit in the trailer too well. Needless to say, it was an interesting first time. Jake won't be riding in the trailer again. Yes, that is Sean behind the dog.
Here is what I call an action shot (really, it's just blurry and out of focus), Mike does the hauling the first ride. It was a fun end to a Saturday (Sean will tell you different).


Michelle Evans said...

hey veronica! i love the cute pictures! thanks for telling me about your blog! :) i'll send you our link too. see you soon!

heather said...

OK now I see what you were talking about. Jake just doesn't get how big he is to Sean.