Monday, August 17, 2009

Blogging Blahs

As you may have seen (or more like, not seen), I haven't posted in quite a while. Time is an issue, also, the fact that my now one year old does not let me have the computer to myself (making it hard to type). I also lost my camera- or should I say, Sean "put it away" for me, possibly in the trash can. So photos are lost, time can't be found, and I am left with this. I guess I can try and be better about it, seeing as how this used to be a favorite past time. So much has happened in these last few months. Sean is getting so big, and we have done so much. Hopefully my next blog will be a bit better in terms of photos and such...sorry.


Tennille said...

Well I for one am excited to see what's up with your life.... keep it up

Michelle Evans said...

:) youi're hillarious! i hope sean finds your camera. cole pulled some things out from under the fridge a day ago that i've been looking for for quite a while. never loose hope! :) until they, come use my camera - we need pictures of this little guy walking like a champ!