Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sean 8 Months

Sean turned 8 months on the 23rd of March. He is crawling, eating puffed cereal like-foods, crackers, biter biscuits, zwieback toast, (along with his normal pureed foods), drinking juice out of a sippy cup or occasionally out of a straw, and likes to dip his toast in spinach dip. Sean laughs hardily, pulls himself up to a standing position (accomplished after a couple of days of crawling), and thoroughly enjoys the water. He understands the signs for: eat, drink, book, and milk. Sean is a handful, likes to cuddle, likes to explore, and is very friendly (a flirt, even). He is best friends with Jake the Beagle and likes to crawl on top of him and pull and pet his fur. He loves all dogs, period. Sean is not scared of loud noises thus far, and thinks its funny when something or someone falls, screams, yells, or claps. He has two sharp little teeth that he loves to use on everything and everyone. We love him and are grateful for such an awesome gift.


Palmyra said...

I love your family picture up at the top! Boy, do they grow up fast huh? He sounds pretty advance for his age too.

Michelle Evans said...

He's such a cutie! What an amazing little guy! It's so fun to watch him grow and learn. You can tell his little brain is cranking all the time and he's just taking it all in! We can't wait to play again! Talk to you soon!