Friday, July 11, 2008

Mom's Baby Shower

Well, this is a little late and out of order, but that's okay. It's like scrap booking last years pics, you get to it when you can. My mom threw me a baby shower on June 28th. I had lots of fun seeing friends and family. I also got a lot of gifts. The food was good, we had a quite a few subs from Subway! Chips, macaroni and potato salads, fruit, and lemon cake, chocolate cake, and cheesecakes. The house looked really nice, and it was pleasant sitting by the pool since it was a hot day. My parents and sister decorated the place with balloons and they hung up some baby clothes I had received on a clothes line. It was really cute. The younger kids went swimming and had a blast. After eating and socializing, I opened presents. Everyone was very generous and kind. I received a lot of things from my registries. Cousin Christina made a scrapbook for me without photos so I could fill them in later on. My Aunt Val had made some nice party favors and she also made had us play the "No Crossing your Legs, Arms or Anything" game. We passed out prizes and favors at the end. All in all, I had a fun time! I will post photos later on...

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