Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth of July

This Fourth of July was really relaxing for us. Mike had a nice 4 day weekend. On Thursday, we dropped Jake off at PetSmart for Doggy Day Camp. He really loves it there! We then ran a few errands after eating breakfast. We watched Hancock. It was a good movie. After that, we picked Jake up and spent some time with him at home. We then decided it was time to go see the fireworks show that Bellflower hosts at Thompson Park. They do it on the 3rd of July every year. We were supposed to go to Old Navy first to pick up some flag tees, but as we were driving toward the park a parking space opened up in a little shopping area. We took advantage of the great spot and forewent the trip to Old Navy. We walked to the park. A bunch of teenagers were there for the carnival and lots of families were already set up at the baseball field for the fireworks. Mike and I found a nice spot amongst the crowd and laid out our blanket. We listened to a live classic rock cover band while we waited for the show to begin. They did a great job and lots of people were dancing and having a good time. The show began at 9 after the mayor said hello. It was a great show! I teared up as fireworks and patriotism often make me tear up. I know, I'm weird. After the show was over, Mike and I went to Target to finish up some shopping. We then headed for some more R&R. That was all on Thursday! Friday was the same, but we went to my parents to hang out in their pool. They got home in time for fireworks from the neighbors. Saturday was a big void of nothing. It was so nice to eat, sleep, eat some more, sleep again, watch TV, eat and sleep. We figured we wouldn't have many days like that after the baby. Sunday was church and dinner with my folks. My grandparents and uncle (dad's side) came over and I got to meet my grandmother's sister who lives in Mexico. She is 80 something years old. It was a very relaxing weekend and we were sad to see it end. We need to work to know relaxation though, so it's all for the better.

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Anonymous said...

It will interesting to see how many people figure this out. I cry at the drop of the hat when I am pregnant, so you are in good company. I think it is even worse this time with the GD. Gald you had a great weekend.