Sunday, July 6, 2008

By Popular Request...Baby Update it is in list format, because I like lists...

1. The baby is in the "correct" position, down and back.
2. My due date is July 23, not the 28th anymore. Add 5 days to however many weeks I am on counter.
3. I still haven't packed my hospital bags.
4. Not done with the nursery.
5. Crib is not put together.
6. No more working for me, I am offtrack and on a looooooooooong leave.
7. We still have to shop for a bassinet or something of the like.
8. Presents from baby showers have not been unpacked fully or organized.
9. I have one more baby shower left, (woot!) courtesy of the Young Women.
10. I have about 4-5 Non Stress Test (Fetal Monitoring) appointments left
11. I have 2 doctor's appointments left and hopefully they will let me know the results of the latest ultrasound I had in June! Geesh.
12. My ob/gyn is either on vacation or double booked, so I will only see him on the 21st. Then maybe on my delivery date if he is on call... Yay for Kaiser *sarcasm
13. We still haven't decided on a name or even narrowed it down to a few
14. Oh my gosh I get sooooo tired! I thought not working anymore would alleviate that.
15. It's a boy
16. Mike is tired too.
17. My tummy isn't happy, and I get stronger contractions. I am getting close!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! I am so glad the little guy turned, one less thing to worry about. I'm sure you'll get the important stuff done before the baby comes. You are awesome!