Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby Update...Induce?

What?! Induce me? Already?? I sure don't feel comfortable with early induction. I figure the baby will come when it is good and ready. I guess the doctors worry about me being a "high risk" pregnancy because of my diabetes. My sugar levels have been good, I am told, and the amount of insulin I take is not that high. I just don't feel like my body is ready for the birth yet. The doctor examined my cervix and said it was 50% effaced, I was only dilated about 1/2 a centimeter, the cervix was not dropped completely either, it was only half way down or "medium." He is going to have me see my ob/gyn (Dr. Henry) next week so we can determine if I am ready then. I go in on Thursday the 17th of July for that exam. I don't like getting poked. The baby doesn't like getting pushed around, he pushes back. Supposedly, just by feeling around my tummy, he is about 8-9 pounds, but that is hard to tell because he's just feeling from the outside. By the way, the doctor I saw today wasn't Dr. Henry, as usual. He was double booked and so because I needed to be seen, Dr. Grove was the lucky man. This all makes me frustrated because nobody wants to discuss anything because, "I'm not your doctor." Getting results form the June 16th ultrasound had to wait until today! Now I'm being told that I may have to be induced, but we aren't sure because "We don't know how Dr. Henry is handling this." AAARRRRGH! I am putting my foot down and doing what I think is right. The baby will come when it comes, unless they see it is distressed or too big, then I will consider getting induced.


Luisa said...

Hey...been there done that with that's a tough one to make. But no matter which way you go, soon my nephew will come into the world! I'm SO excited for you guys!!! Hey, want me to return the favor and do the phone tree for you? I can't wait for him to come:)

heather said...

I'm sure you'll know what to do when the time comes. No one knows your body like YOU do. But I agree, that if the little guy is in some kind of distress, it probably is a good idea.