Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Renal Pelvis and the Pee Pee Tube

Well, I just went in for a routine check-up with my doc and he says that the ultrasound results were fine except for the fact that the baby still has a dilated renal pelvic area in his left kidney. In simpler terms, the tube coming out of his kidney (the part where it is attached to the kidney) is dilated and causing the kidney to have extra fluid because the pee pee won't come out properly. Our baby will now have to be monitored regularly and through ultrasound in order to see the progress or lack thereof. The worst that can happen is that the baby will have to go into surgery so they can fix it, if they can't fix it with a catheter placed stint to open the tube. So we shall see how things go. But that is the latest in that area.
Click on the pic for a better view...

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