Tuesday, November 4, 2008

HELP Me People Out in Blog Land!

So I am sitting here reading other people's blogs and wondering why I haven't gone beyond the default template that this darn thing gives me. I would like to personalize this blog of ours (I say ours, but really, it is mine since Mike doesn't really blog...), but how do I do this? I feel so technophobic these days. I used to be a video editing guru* and now I can't even figure out how to make my background pretty. Am I out of the loop? Did I miss something? I feel like I am on MySpace all over again (speaking of which, I need to get back on that horse for the sake of keeping up with my side of the family). What advice can y'all give me? HELP!

*Self-proclaimed title used for exaggerating purposes only

I am Veronica Rueckert and I approve of this message.


Tennille said...

Don't feel too bad.. everytime I try to change my background it goes all wonky... so I'm still on the default template too... it's making me feel "differen" you know against the status quo :)

Cindy Munksgard said...

I haven't graduated from downloading templates from outside sites. I just play around with the templates that are on blogger. Just like Tennille said, when you change background some of your fields get moved around but that's easy to fix. Maybe someday I'll graduate to more fun templates, but I'm scared that it will totally mess up my blog. Good luck!

Palmyra said...

Hi Veronica!! Have you looked into thecutestblogontheblock.com/ They have lots of cute backgrounds you can pick from. I believe if you switch to the Minima template you should be o.k. The website guides you through it so you don't mess up your blog. If you want music...you can go to playlist.com if it doesn't work out...keep trying, a lot of times that's how you learn the most, there's nothing like trial and error! hee hee

Mike and Veronica said...

Thanks Palmyra! I will definitely have to play around with that site some more...it's kinda addicting.