Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Embarrassing Moment at Costco of all Places

Let me preface this with:
  1. I had Sean in my arms, no Baby Bjorn (I thought it would be nice to carry him in since he was sleeping)
  2. I was trying to be nice and help a lady out with a computer question
  3. Sean woke up and was getting hungry
  4. I was hungry (if you know me, you know that hunger and I don't get along)
  5. It was going to be the beginning of a long evening without Mike around because he is working late
  6. I am human, and humans make mistakes
Okay, quick version:
  1. The lady in line before me was asking about Windows Microsoft Word
  2. I tried to answer her question and she moved forward away from credit card machine to show me her package of software
  3. I moved forward to pay for my stuff and ended up paying for her stuff (I thought she was all checked out)
  4. I get cash back on top of it all
  5. Checker hands me the other lady's credit card and my cash back
  6. AAAAhhhh! What just happened?
  7. Checker is annoyed
  8. People are accumulating in line
  9. Manager is called
  10. Money is returned to me (all $153, please keep the 53 cents change because I just want to run outta here)
  11. I walk away towards the food court
  12. Ma'am, you forgot your ATM card (more embarrassment)
  13. Buy a slice of pizza (at this point it feels like my back is on fire from all the evil stares I am getting from behind me)
  14. Leave with pizza and baby
  15. Realize I don't have what I originally came for (eggs)
  16. Find my eggs, lose my sanity
  17. Calmly walk out of Costco and hope the rest of the evening goes better
I think I will have to change my hair do and avoid that checker next time I go there, that is if they didn't get a photo of me and pin it up in their look out for this bozo customer board.
So, I challenge y'all to top that one. I feel rich walking around with $153 in my wallet.


heather said...

I can see it now - your pic on the Costco bulletin board in the employee break room. Underneath reads "watch out for this lady"

Janelle said...

$153, yea baby! That is seriously funny. Sounds like something that would happen to me. I went to the store today and forgot eggs....they were on my list and underlined not twice, but three time. Still forgot them. I would forget my head if it weren't attached.