Sunday, April 20, 2008

Camping at Joshua Tree

We went on a camping trip to Joshua Tree this weekend with the Boy Scouts from our ward. We got to Cottonwood Springs on Friday night and set up camp. I made camp cake, that's what Mike calls it and we had bean stuff for a late dinner. I call it bean stuff because I took some homemade beans and added chorizo, ham, weenies, and chopped onion. It turned out pretty good. I think they are actually called "Frijoles Rancheros," but bean stuff is easier to say. We slept well- NOT! It wasn't too cold, but our air mattress would dis-inflate every hour. Being pregnant and sleeping on the hard desert floor is not fun. My hips ached and my back was sore. Mike would re-inflate the mattress every hour. Mike had cold face most of the night because it did get in the 50's. We woke up at a quarter to six and began our Saturday with scrambled eggs, bacon, and beans. The boy scouts ate Cup o' Noodles or instant oatmeal. We then packed up and drove to Jumbo Rocks where we spent the rest of the morning climbing boulders. I couldn't make it to the top of most peaks, but got pretty high up. The boys would get so high up that it made me nervous. We had a lot of fun.

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Luisa said...

I guess my trick isn't working out for you...because a deflating air mattress was a godsend for me! The night where the air mattress slowly deflated throughout the night was the best night of sleep I'd had in quite a while...I so empathize with you...I know how the hips ache. It is not fun. But I'm glad you had fun in Joshua Tree!