Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hee Hee Hoo...

So we went to Lamaze on Monday. We forgot to eat before we got there because we were busy coming home from work late and taking the dog for a walk. It was 9:30pm before we were able to eat dinner! We won't do that again. Our Lamaze instructor keeps us laughing. She's like a female version of Jack Black. It sure makes the time go by faster. We watched some funny videos about nutrition and birthing (eeeeek). It was pretty informative. We have homework to do, three times a day Mike has to say to me, "Contraction begins..." and I have to respond with a deep cleansing breath. I also have to find a "focal point." Meaning, something I can focus on when a contraction is taking place. A lady in the video had a photo of her cat. We all laughed at that. Fun times.

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